Latest WhatsApp Features: How Instant Messaging Platform Can Change For You In 2020

Latest WhatsApp Features: How Instant Messaging Platform Can Change For You In 2020

Latest WhatsApp Features: 2019 is set to end. Just pause for a while and think how much WhatsApp has changed over the last 12 months. The Facebook-owned company has introduced several new features like fingerprint authentication and new privacy settings. It remains the most popular messaging platform despite landing in multiple controversies over this period. And, now think, how much it can change over the next 12 months. We already know that WhatsApp is testing several new features — some of them set to be rolled out in 2020. Yes, WhatsApp is definitely pulling out all the stops to keep you hooked to the platform. Here is a look at five upcoming WhatsApp features –

Dark Mode – A feature that has already made it to several other apps and even some smartphones, is being tested by WhatsApp for a very long time now. Dark Mode has been a regular in the recent beta versions of both iOS and Android versions. And, if the reports are to be believed the feature is very close to its official roll out. It will be introduced as Dark Theme, allowing users to choose between dark and light background.

Advertisements – This is something all of us saw coming. For how long can you expect an app to remain ad-free? Well, it has to make money to survive. Facebook has confirmed that it may bring advertisements to the Status section. “…So WhatsApp, we don’t have ads in Stories. It’s not available. Ads are something that’s more of a future thing for WhatsApp. We remain very focused on the consumer experience there. We do have the WhatsApp Business app, which is helping businesses connect with consumers, and that’s growing well but that monetisation opportunity is not available,” said Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg earlier this year.

WhatsApp Payments – If things had been fine, we would already be using WhatsApp Payments. As it turned out, the service was delayed due to local regulatory roadblocks. WhatsApp is believed to be working to get a green signal in this regard. “To boost digital inclusion in India, we can launch the (Pay) service across the country later this year after meeting regulations,” WhatsApp Global Head Will Cathcart said during his India visit in July this year.

Multiple-device support – A feature that will be appreciated by a lot of users. WhatsApp will soon allow you to log on to two accounts before having to log out from the first. However, the users will get registration notifications when a user is trying to log onto another device – similar to Facebook’s login system.

Self-destructing messages – Another feature that is being tested for some time now. It will allow users to make their messages disappear minutes after sending them. Unlike the Delete feature, this one will not leave a banner behind.

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